Our Vision and History

GSR’s origins began at the turn of this century, when its co-founders were developing a new approach to the general systems theory for complex self-organizing adaptive ecological systems that may not be easily modeled.


This work led them from applying their concept at the foothills of the Himalayas in India to the University of Maryland in 2001, where they worked with leading scientists focused on the elevation of nitrogen and phosphorus in Chesapeake Bay. In the following year, they moved to the Champlain Valley with their affiliations with the University of Vermont where the nutrient runoff issue in Lake Champlain was difficult to ignore. They worked on building an ecosystem services platform and continued their research efforts to formulate and test concepts of nutrient recovery. After almost a decade of effort in building a novel systems approach, they extended their passion for general systems and firsthand experience with Chesapeake Bay and Lake Champlain health issues into creating value from waste nutrient inflows, and in 2008 created the General Systems Research (GSR) company that led to developing cutting-edge technologies to manage nutrient runoff. Their vision evolved into transforming agricultural, food, and industrial nutrient waste into value in order to serve the nexus of the food, water, and energy markets with the purpose of maintaining pristine complex natural systems. With this vision, they reorganized the company as GSR Solutions LLC in 2014 to:

  • Create high-value products from rapidly growing waste streams for rapidly growing market sectors using GSR’s patented technology solutions to provide benefits to waste-generating host site operations
  • Capture waste stream nutrients, preferably at the point of production, to improve regional water quality by reducing nutrient runoff forming near eutrophic or dead zones in natural water bodies such as Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, Chesapeake Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, as well as other estuaries, basins, and rivers extending to oceans, thereby threatening freshwater and aquatic food sources, increasing waste treatment costs, reducing property values, and affecting tourism revenues and public health
  • Reduce waste treatment costs amid the population increase that is causing food and freshwater scarcity and enable the growth of businesses by addressing waste treatment limitations

Our Historical Milestones


Several years of GSR’s continuous R&D efforts, supported by well-known US regulatory agencies (the EPA, USDA, DOE, and NSF) led to the development of cutting-edge solutions springing from microbiological dynamics for converting excessive nutrients affecting natural water bodies and greatly costing municipalities and industries into high-value products.

GSR has continued to develop technology solutions and expand its collection of proprietary high-performance strains including various types of microalgae and supporting microbes that can efficiently feed on nutrients in industrial and agricultural waste streams for producing products such as fertilizer, soil amendments, nutritional & pharmaceutical products, animal feed (for aquaculture and livestock), and liquid fuel while simultaneously treating wastewaters for water reclamation for meeting the demands of the growing global population.

Since then, GSR has refined its technology by incorporating carbon into its processes, endorsed by its end users, proven its functionality, developed proprietary intellectual property, and readied it for commercial applications. GSR’s go-to-market development was formalized in 2018. GSR has developed and worked with a network of industry-leading partners and stakeholders, agricultural livestock farms, food & beverage industries, and others, with an interest in its technology’s ability to create value from waste, improve business operations, and produce local to global sustainable products.

Who We Are

GSR Solutions LLC (“GSR”) was organized in Burlington, Vermont in 2014 with a mission to provide biotechnology-based commercial solutions to turnaround the problem of managing waste nutrients generated by agricultural livestock farms, food & beverage factories, and other large industries processing organic material contributing to water pollution. Nutrients runoff is heavily regulated by the federal and state agencies, including EPA, USDA, and state agricultural agencies. Farms and Food industries have limited solutions. GSR was built on a prior R&D company organized in 2008, called General Systems Research LLC, which aimed to foster innovation in bioenergy and support emerging businesses. GSR’s cutting edge proprietary biotech has found successful application in the dairy industry for converting dairy manure effluent into marketable organic fertilizers.

Leadership & Team

GSR Solutions is led and managed by experts in cutting-edge biotechnologies, business, fulfillment, and marketing, dedicated to serving the food, water, and energy markets. Our highly accomplished team brings expertise from various fields, including agriculture, environmental science, engineering, waste-to-energy, bioenergy, nutrient recovery solutions, algal-based bio jet fuel/SAF, anaerobic digestion for CHP and RNG, marketing and sales, supply chain management, and strategic business development.

Below, you will find our leadership team, key members, and advisors. Note: We have several other accomplished members and experts not included below.

Anju Krivov, PhD, MBA

Founder, President, & CEO

Dr. Anju Krivov brings a wealth of over 25 years of experience in the waste-to-value areas, specializing in strategic business development and .... Read More

Sergey Krivov, PhD

Founder & Vice President

Dr. Krivov is a thought Leader and developer of scalable technology solutions: marketing, e-commerce, sales, supply chain, and inventory management... Read More

Michael LaClair

Operations Manager

Mr. LaClair is experienced in addressing challenges in agriculture to apply the business management skills he acquired over 32 years. These skills... Read More

Daniel Welch, CPA

Finance Manager

Mr. Welch is an accomplished financial professional and accountant who strives to understand all implications related to work subject matter... Read More

Nicholas Krivov

IT & Digital Marketing Manager

Nicholas has extensive experience maintaining IT infrastructure, digital media marketing, including SEO, SEM, email marketing, website analytics ... Read More

John Forcier, P.E.

Civil Engineer

John has a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Vermont and has more than 50 years of experience in the planning, design... Read More

Richard Altman, MBA

Farm-to-Fly Advisor

Richard L. Altman is a 42 year aviation veteran, Rich spent 39 years with Pratt & Whitney initially as a propulsion engineer then in Advanced... Read More

Bonnie Pratt, PhD

Business Development Advisor

Bonnie's research investigates new pathways for engaging with residential customers, leveraging concepts from Evolutionary... Read More

Roland Scott, MBA

Business Strategy Advisor

Roland Scott is an energy and management consultant and specializes in investment due diligence and business development advising. He is... Read More

Stephen Densham

Business Growth Advisor

Steve is the Business Advisor for Northwestern Vermont (Chittenden County) and Hospitality Industry Specialist statewide. He attended the University... Read More

Bill Rowell

Ag Advisor

Bill Rowell farms with his brother Brian in Franklin County at Green Mountain Dairy, in the northwest corner of Vermont, near the Canadian... Read More

Cheryl Diersch

Public Relations Advisor

Something you can say of all entrepreneurs is that they see opportunities and they take action. At age 29, this is exactly what Cheryl did when she started... Read More

Our Partners and Stakeholders


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cutting edge solutions to farms and food & beverage industries for capturing pollutant nutrients from their wastewater streams to reduce water pollution and converting them into valued products in high demand for food, water, and energy markets!

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions to farms and food & beverage industries, enabling them to transform pollutant nutrients captured from their wastewater streams into valuable, high-demand products. By addressing this critical issue, our goal is to substantially decrease nutrient runoff, which contributes to harmful algal blooms and water pollution. Our products and end-products cater to the food, water, and energy markets, offering comprehensive solutions that enhance environmental stewardship and provide economic benefits to our clients. We are dedicated to pioneering advancements that not only promote sustainability but also create a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. Our commitment ensures cleaner water, healthier ecosystems, and a more sustainable world for future generations.

Learn more about the nutrient runoff problem here

Our Values

  • Sustainability - we support sustainability through our business strategies, processes, products, and solutions for creating economic growth and value as well as improving quality of life
  • Innovation with Passion and integrity - we demonstrate our integrity through our actions and respect for the values of society
  • Technology - we advance cutting-edge technologies for addressing the food, water, and energy markets
  • Team - Our staff and associates are the source of our ideas, actions, and performance. We can best achieve our full potential in an environment of fairness & respect, self-fulfillment, teamwork, and dedication to excellence
  • Safety - our priority of safety is centered on our commitment to an injury-free work environment, individual self-worth, and consideration for the well-being of other people
  • Quality - our constant goal of quality performance is based on understanding the needs of the complete supply chain
  • Partnership - front and end users work with our partners and customers with the goal of long-term relationships
  • Community - strengthening our communities through business expansion opportunities and growth