Passion, Vision, and History

GSR’s origins started at the turn of this century, when its co-founders were developing a new approach to the general systems theory for the complex self-organizing adaptive systems that may not be easily modeled. After a decade, they extended their passion for general systems and firsthand experience with Chesapeake Bay and Lake Champlain health issues into creating value from waste nutrient inflows, and in 2008 created the General Systems Research (GSR) company. in 2014, the continued efforts combined with building the stakeholder partnerships, transformed into renaming it to GSR Solutions company with a vision of transforming industrial and agricultural waste processing by developing systems that:

  • Capture waste stream nutrients, preferably at the point of production to improve regional water quality by reducing nutrient runoff forming near eutrophic or dead zones in natural water bodies, such as Lake Champlain, Lake Erie, Chesapeake Bay, Gulf of Mexico and other estuaries, basins, rivers extending to oceans, thereby threatening freshwater and aquatic food sources, increasing waste treatment costs, reducing property values, affecting tourism revenues and public health.
  • Create high value products that are sustainable in the local and global economies by converting enormously growing waste streams from agricultural and industries, into value products for rapidly growing market sectors to serve food, water and energy nexus via GSR’s patent pending technology that can bolt on to the waste generating host site operations to save them waste treatment costs, reduce algae blooms in natural bodies amid population increase indicating food and freshwater scarcity.
  • Reduce business costs & enable growth by addressing waste treatment limits

Several years of GSR’s R&D efforts, supported by well-known US regulatory agencies, has led to the development of cutting edge solutions springing from microbiological dynamics for converting nutrients affecting natural water bodies and costing municipalities and industries. GSR continues to expand its collection of proprietary high performance strains including various types of microalgae and supporting microbes that can efficiently feed on nutrients in the industrial and agricultural waste streams for producing value products such as fertilizer, nutritional & pharmaceutical products, animal feed (for aquaculture and livestock), and liquid fuel while simultaneously treating wastewaters for water reclamation for meeting with the demand of growing global population. Since then, GSR has refined its technology, endorsed by the end users, proven its functionality, developed proprietary intellectual property, and readied it for commercial applications. GSR has developed and worked with a network of industry-leading partners and stakeholders with an interest in its technology’s ability to create value from waste, improve business operations, and produce local to global, sustainable products. Today, GSR is actively working with partners on planning its first commercial installations.


  • Innovation with Passion and integrity - We show our integrity by our actions and respect for society's values
  • Sustainability - We support sustainability through our business strategies, processes, products and solutions for creating economic growth and value, improving the quality of life and our environmental performance
  • Technology - We will advance the cutting edge technology for energy and environment
  • Team - Our staff and our associates are the source of our ideas, actions and performance. We can best achieve our full potential in an environment of fairness and respect, self-fulfillment, teamwork and dedication to excellence

  • Safety - Our priority of safety is based on our commitment to an injury-free work environment, individual self-worth and consideration for the well-being of other people
  • Quality - Our constant goal of quality performance is based on understanding and the needs of complete supply chain
  • Partnership - Front and End Users work with our technology partners and customers in the spirit of long-term relationships
  • Community - Strengthening our communinties with business expansion opportunities and growth